Sample College Recommendation Letter

Hi, this sample college recommendation letter is for a student applying for graduate school. It is written by a professor who knows the student as an tutoring assistant.


June 7, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

The following is a letter of recommendation for (individual).

I came to know (individual) when he was a University tutor assigned to help students taking my introductory course in Microeconomics in the Fall of 2008. In this context, I met with him regularly through the semester to discuss the course and the problems students were having.

I have worked in this way with dozens of tutors and teaching assistants over the last 25 years and (individual) is among the very best. He is an exceptionally strong student, a quick study, and possesses a good analytical mind. Even better, he is a caring person willing to work hard to fulfill his responsibilities and one who cares for others.

Since the course finished at the end of 2008, I have met with and corresponded with (individual). We have had interesting discussions about his past and about his future plans. In sum, I can say that (individual) is an articulate young man, intelligent and committed to use his education to help make the world better.

Talented, intelligent, willing to work hard and responding well to suggestions: (individual) shows great promise; I am delighted to recommend him to you.


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