Sample Love Letters

Beware! The Sample Love Letters below include stories of sweet love and shattered promises; broken hearts not yet mended; and of love freely

Sample Love Letters

Sample Love Letters For Your Reading Pleasure

given and unconsummated vows. Below are letters from both skilled writers and everyday people; writers who share their heart's rejoicings, depths of despair and longings for what was, is, or hoped to be. Enjoy!

Second Chance 
Since the day I met you, I knew you were the one for me. It was puppy love before, as we were just kids. There's never a day that goes by that I don't …

Yin and Yang 
For the love of my life, it is hard to put into words everything that you have made me feel over the past few years. You have brought me more happiness …

A Promise of A Future 
My Dearly Beloved Joje, A year and nine months full of beautiful memories, laughter and emotional hurt has passed us together. I have been in relationships …

Missing You; Forgive Me If You Can 
My Love, if you only knew how much every minute without you hurts. My days are endless, my nights empty. The loneliness is my only friend these days. …

Thank You For More Than I Ever Dreamed Of 
Thank you, my love, for being who you are. For being this strong, loving man that holds me when I'm weak, comforts me when I cry, carries me when I cannot …

Special Memories 
My sexy's been two weeks since you left and being away from you got me to thinking and remembering when we first met. I was walking across …

Video Game Love Letter 
Beloved; I remember the first day we met. I talked and talked and talked to you as we walked to the activity bazaar. You were so shy-I had no idea then …

Secret Love Letter  A Secret Eternal Love   
You were my best friend and I deserted you. I couldn't fake my friendship any more and thought it better to simply disappear, but it's lonely living in the shadow of your life, longing for you every night.

To My Best Friend 
Dear David; You've known me for 6 years and we've been through some interesting times together. I don't know how we've lasted this long - aren't relationships …

Love Letter For Her - To My Sweet Heart
Beloved. Yesterday was the most beautiful, romantic and memorable day of my life. It was also the day that brought me closer to my

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