Sample Recommendation Letter; Easily Motivated and Confident Individual

by Hal Koffman
(Kansas City, MO, USA)

The following Sample Recommendation Letter is from one coworker to another. It's a great temple to model all recommendation letters after.


Dear Ms. Honeycutt:

My name is Hal Koffman and I started working in Stop Loss Insurance before this type of insurance even became popular. My experience tells me that Jon Taylor will make a superb Department Manager.

I have worked with Jon in the same office for the past ten years. He always demonstrates the drive and intellect necessary to meet his daily deadlines. Many times Jon has come in early, stayed late and taken work home with him. His clients are very appreciative of the extra effort he always puts in and his diplomacy used in pricing negotiations.

Many of the Junior Underwriters come to Jon with questions and for advice. Although he is not currently a manager, he performs many of the same tasks with great ease. Jon is always thoughtful, courteous and a team player.

Although I will miss Jon greatly, he deserves a Department Manager position which is not available at his current place of employ.

I will be very happy to provide additional information or answer any questions you may have. You may contact me at 000-000-000 or by email at


Hal Koffman

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