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Sample Reference Letter by Pat Henking (Merrimack, NH, USA). If you need a Sample Reference Letter suitable for college admission consider

sample reference letter

this one.  The writer is a pastor who is sometimes asked to write reference letters for her high school students who are applying to college.  However, this one is based on a fictitious student and should not be compared with students at her church.


To Whom It May Concern:

I have been the Vicar (pastor) at Faith Episcopal Church in Merrimack, New Hampshire since 1988. Many children and young adults attend our church, and now I have been here long enough that babies I baptized are graduating from high school. Max is one such young man, and I have known him well since he has grown up participating in our Sunday school programs, acolyte group, and choir. He has often assisted with various events and fund-raising opportunities throughout his life.

Max is unique, competent, caring, and a lot of fun. His sense of humor is joyful and buoyant, often brightening the moment for others. Since Max was born with severely impaired vision,he has always been keenly tuned to his surroundings. He has achieved a wonderful balance of independence and reliance on others to compensate for his impairments. This balance has made him a peer mentor as other young people have sought to find themselves in high school. There is an innate wisdom about him that makes him a natural guide for others.

Max has been a solid student and a contributor both at school and in the community. While music is his strongest gift, it is no surprise that he wants to study foreign languages and concentrate on being an interpreter in hospitals and other settings where people will need his help. Max is already fluent in Spanish, and adding other languages with a minor in social work will give him professional skills to carry out his vocational plan. Meanwhile, he will bring thoughtfulness, responsible scholarship, and participation to his college community.  

I am proud to recommend Max and look forward with him to his college career. I am sure accommodating his special needs as well as welcoming him at your school will bring your community a key contributor. I am also certain he will one day make you proud as he will distinguish himself in many ways.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can lend more support or provide more information for Max's application. My telephone number and email address are found in the letterhead at the top of this stationery. Many thanks for your attention and all the best.


Patricia E. Henking

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