Sample Resignation Letter - Leaving the Door Open For Future Employment

by Dana M
(Denver, Co)

Human Resoure Manager

Human Resoure Manager

The Sample Resignation Letter below is a good example of an effective use of the Resignation Letter Template noted above. It outlines an easy way to write a very good letter.

Debra Mortens
35978 Parker Rd
Denver, CO, 80203

December 24, 2009

Joan Priverd
Battelfield Technology
554 Institute Drive,
Aurora, Co, 80012

Dear Ms. Priverd;

This letter is to inform that I will be resigning my position as Employment Coordinator with Battlefield Technology, effective January 10, 2009.

Working for Battlefield Technology has been not only a huge milestone in my career, but has afforded me the opportunity to learn many things from a variety of highly qualified people in the industry. It is because of my experience here that I am able to continue on my career path and accept a job as Human Resources Manager.

As I work towards my last day of work here I would be most happy to assist in training and transitioning any new candidates into my current position as Employment Coordinator.

Debra Mortens

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