Sample Thank You Letter

Need a Sample Thank You Letter?  The one below is a template for when you need to write one, but can't come up with the right words. 

As you probably already know, writing letters of any kind can be difficult, especially during times of emotional situations; like the death of a loved one, a friend being stricken ill and other major life events. 

Still, sending appreciation letters is a nice gesture.

It lets those who were there for you know how grateful you are and because it is a very personal sentiment you are free to choose how personal you make the letter. 

And don’t worry about length, just be sincere and to the point. 

A sample thank you letter like the one above is just an example of what you might write one.

However, don't be constrained by it, because what you write is ultimately what you feel. 

There is no wrong or right way to write it and if you write what you feel it will be good enough.

Summarily, sympathy thank you letters are intended to convey your gratitude to a person who showed sympathy toward you when you were in need of comforting words and warm thoughts. 

They are a very appropriate and simple response to someone who took the time to show their compassion for you.  

Here's an example:


Dear Jack,

Thank you for attending my grandmother’s funeral. It meant a lot to me to have my close friends at my side during that very difficult time. The flowers you brought were lovely and they're as pretty now as they were during the funeral service. 

I hope to see you soon, but for right now I need some time alone to get some things in order.

However, I will contact you just as soon as I am feeling better and have resolved a few things. 

Thank you again for being there for me and please know that I feel fortunate to have a friend like you.   



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