Sample Voluntary Resignation Letter

by Dhaval Patel
(Bordi, Dahanu, Maharshtra)

The following letter is about the Voluntary Resignation of an employee who resigns in order to go work for another company. However, the employer that he currently works for makse him a counter offer. Come see how he handles it.

Dear [insert name],

This letter constitutes my notification to you of my resignation from JKL Enterprises effective today. My last day of work will be the end of the month.

Please accept my sincere gratitude to both you and staff for the opportunities and support extended to me during my time with the company.

My decision to resign was reached with great difficulty; however, I have accepted a position with another company which is in the best interest of my family and my career.

And although I appreciate your alternative offer to stay the job that I have accepted is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and that my decision to resign is final. However, I am flattered and humbled by the fact that you cared enough to extend it.

In closing, and again, thank you very much for all your past courtesies. Although we won't be working with each other daily I look forward to continuing to work with you as a community based partner.

Your Name

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