Saying I Love You So That Everyone Knows

by Jeremy
(Cortland, NY)

Sometimes it feels good to have your coworkers know that you are loved and special. Once on a special occasion, my wife wanted to send me something at work. She knew I wouldn't be real excited about having flowers delivered, so she sent a bouquet of balloons. The balloons themselves really meant little, but the public sentiment meant a lot to me. My wife knows that I struggle with self-esteem, so she chose this way to let everyone I worked with see that she loves me and thinks I am important.

That evening, she picked me up from work, and in front of all my coworkers, said “are you ready to go out?” I asked her where we were going, and she told me that she had a special evening planned. First to go see the new movie you wanted to see, then out to your favorite restaurant, and then we'll take a long walk around the college campus up on the hill. All those things, even though they were each favorites of mine, meant little to me compared to knowing how much she loved me. It meant a lot too that she cared about me in ways to build me up and encourage me in front of other people as well. She chooses ways like this often to make me know she is proud of me!

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