School Should Never Take Importance Over Family

A few months ago, my grandmother lost her baby sister to a very unexpected stroke. I, unfortunately, was so wrapped up in finishing my schooling that I didn't take the time to properly help my grandma with the initial shock of her little sister's passing and now my grandma has fallen ill.


Dear Grandma Elizabeth,

My heart is heavy with a burden I feel for not being there for you when you needed me the most. I am truly sorry and hope that you can accept my heartfelt apology for not stepping up like I should have.

I forgot how close you were with Aunt Edith. I also forgot how much you loved her and raised her while you two were growing up. More importantly, I forgot how important you were to her.

Aunt Edith will forever be missed by all of us. She had a sense of humor that was unmatched by anyone I know and you were the one you helped her develop that humor.

I cannot begin to imagine how difficult her passing has been for you, but please remember that I am always here for you -- day and night. My thoughts are with you always!

With Deepest Sympathy,
Your Name

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