Secret Love Letter - Secret Eternal Love

Secret Love Letter -  Ever love some one who didn't know how you felt about them? If yes you'll relate to this letter.  Enjoy!

Secret Love Letter; A Secret Eternal Love

A Secret Eternal Love. Love, although I lost you long ago I remember your name, every day -  and with every breath I take I taste your lips. Every time I feel sad, the thought of you makes me happy. I love your smile, though the memory of it is dimmer than it was yesterday. 

And although I know where you are and what you do I don't know if you even remember my name. I lost you because I was unable to tell you what I felt, which was a heart full of love.  I could never get past your deep, beautiful, disarming eyes. I always surrendered to contemplation, unable to share with you things most important to me ... you.  

You were my best friend and I deserted you. I couldn't fake my friendship any more and thought it better to simply disappear, but it's lonely living in the shadow of your life, longing for you every night. But what else can I do? You are far away and I'm no longer a part of you.

Still, I wish for you to remember me and hope that I still dwell in a part of your heart, but I'm realistic; memories fade with time. 

Missing you is a pain that grows with time, but I will never forget you; and if that's the only way to keep my love for you unaltered and strong then let it be! That's the path of eternal love that I travel.

Maybe one day you will know all of this. My love for you is a secret love, burning in my chest. I surrender my love to you without asking anything in return.

Every time I write your name in the sand
Every time I see your face
Every time I remember bygone days spent with you
I feel what absolute love is.

I miss you; I miss you so...but just knowing you are somewhere in this world makes me live more than my own life.

Eternally Yours,

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