Silver Shiver

by Jennifer
(Warren Michigan)

Silver Shiver

Silver Shiver

To see the light in your eyes is to slow time itself. My heart thuds as though it will stop, as though the blood is swooning within me. The air is thick - my breath sticks in my throat. I can almost feel my pupils dilate as the sight of you takes over my body.

To see you is an uncontrollable urge to be near you. To hear your laugh is a silver shiver down my spine, goose bumps from my head to my toes.

And when you take my hand, I am away from the world, away from anything else that matters, connected to you as though you were intertwined with the most necessary parts of me.

I love your depth, your introspection, and the truth of your being. I love your ability to find joy in the ordinary, to be happy with what you have, not what you want.

I love the way you smell after you have in the sun, working in the yard. I love who I am with you, thank you for all you give me.

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