Since I Am Here and You are There...

When we first met I knew I loved you, but I had no idea how much this love would test me, or teach me. How is it that you are so far away, when I can almost feel you laying next to me the way we once did? I feel that we are connected on some other level that I cannot explain, even though you are somewhere in a desert far away, I can feel your hand caressing mine. I long for the day when I get word that you will be coming home.

Thank you so much for leaving Max to take care of me. He is the sweetest dog I've ever met, and I can't help but laugh and smile when he wants to play and go for walks. Sometimes I take him by your parents farm and let him run in the field, and it amuses me to watch him check on the other animals with a keenly protective and friendly eye. He is so much like you in that way. I never thought I liked dogs so much, but waking up to a golden retriever nuzzling your feet makes it hard to feel lonely or sad.

In my senior year when you took me to prom, I day dreamed of marrying you. I was far too shy about it to tell you until the day you gave me the beautiful ring that the women in your family have passed down. I feel honored to wear it, more than I can say. My childish daydreams involved us going to the same college, picking out a house, and painting the bedroom of your future son. I never imagined you joining the Marines, or being stationed in Afghanistan. There were so many times I thought I couldn't handle it, you being so far away, our wedding on hold. I know that you are strong and brave, but I worried so much for you in the beginning.

You letters and calls give me strength when you can make them. What was first a great challenge to me has now taught me so much that I wouldn't have it any other way. Being without you for a time has taught me to be independent, my own person, sufficient to take care of myself. When you come home I think you will find me a more complete woman to share your life with, rather than simply a pretty child. I know that your travels will have shown you a great many things, too, and I can't wait to hear all your stories. I respect you more than I can say, your strength of conviction and dedication to our country is something I admire. You are a man who any Mother would be proud to call her son, and any woman would be beside herself with joy to call husband.

Send me a kiss on the wind when you get this letter, I am sure to feel it somehow. There is no space between us in our love, although I miss you deeply. Soon, you will be in my arms again, and I will kiss you with wild abandon, as though all of the stars of the night sky shine in your eyes.

I Love You,

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Long Love Letter For Max
by: Loanard

Love survives many things; time and distance are but two of them. In terms of long love letters to copy this is one for the ages. It's well written, very intimate...almost embarrassingly so without being risque. It's wonderful! I hope you and Max are reunited soon! Thanks for sharing.

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