Since You Came Into Our Lives

by Phil J Estelle Jr
(Bakersfield, Ca. USA)

Thank You Ronnie,

You came into our lives and were with us for such a short period of time, only about 4 months. You were about 18 months old When you came to stay. You had just started talking, you said "Thank You", which melted my heart. I had the pleasure of teaching you a few words here and there.

"Tickle" was one of my favorites. I showed you where your "Elbow" was and you always wanted to see mine. We played Peek-A-Boo, Hide and Seek and You and I would walk around the house together and touch everything we could, from the wind chimes Mommy Kristine has hanging around to stuffed animals and light switches.

You seemed to want to just be held and explore and I really liked that. I enjoyed showing you where the "Doggie" lives and would take you to pet the "Kittie", which always knew we were coming and barley tolerated us petting her.

You and I spent time feeding your baby dolls and I had fun showing you how to hold the bottle up to her mouth. You really liked your toys that lit up or sang, you probably had about 5 or more and you would run to each one and say "lights". What you really meant was turn it on. You would play with each one and when it stopped making noise or a light would go off, you would run to the next one, and I was right there to turn it on.

You called me "Daddy". Even though you have one, I would be proud to be your dad. I believe that you taught me too. I really enjoyed the time I spent with you. Thank you for coming into our lives and reminding us what family is. You brought us together as a family. You changed me and I am writing, tell you how much you meant to me. You are a special girl and life has been hard on you. You are strong and can overcome anything this world throws your way. You always have a place in this family and in my heart.

Love "Daddy" Phil

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