Special Memories

by Dominic
(Burlington, NJ, USA )

My sexy cowboy...it's been two weeks since you left and being away from you got me to thinking and remembering when we first met.

I was walking across the quad reading a book when I slammed into you. I felt so terrible as I looked down at you; a tall, handsome cowboy who landed butt first into the grass, my books landing at your feet.

I thought you were gonna yell at me, but instead you picked yourself up and gathered my stuff and asked if I was OK. I felt silly because I was staring at you, looking deep into your beautiful eyes that were sparkling in the West Texas sun, but I couldn't help myself.

I wanted to kiss you, even then, the first moment I saw you. You looked so cute in your wranglers and camouflage baseball cap. I was so embarrassed that I just grabbed my stuff and mumbled a thanks and ran off like a silly school girl.

I never told you this, but I ran back to my dorm and thought about you all day and night. I was kicking myself because I didn't ask your name or major or anything.

I was convinced I would never see you again and that I'd lost my chance to ever know you. Then...as luck would have it...that Saturday I caught you near the Ag building and I "accidentally" walked into you again? Do you remember?

I remember looking at you and thinking of you holding me in your strong, muscular arms. I decided before I ever walked over there that I was getting your name and you were gonna go to lunch with me.

Ever since that day you've made me so happy. I wake up every morning feeling like the luckiest person alive because I have you in my life. I cannot imagine being with anyone else. I want to grow old with you, Cody. I love you...always.

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