Student Resume Cover Letter for Changed Major Interested in Research

I transferred from one major to another, and was applying for research positions. This is my cover letter that I used to apply to Research Assistant jobs at my University. I think that it could be applied/tweaked to work for a variety of jobs.


Dear Mr. __________,

It is my ultimate professional goal to positively impact the lives of those around me. I began my education at the University of ________ in order to do just that through the College of Design.

Over the course of the year, while my goal has remained intact, my methods of achieving it have changed and I am now pursuing a _______ major in the College of ________.

I have worked in a broad spectrum of fields from advertising to graphic design to research, and my organizational and digital media skills would be greatly applicable in both research and administrative settings.

I have not yet completely defined my vocational interests, and so at present my intent is to explore the realm of _____________ as thoroughly as possible throughout my undergraduate career so as to better equip myself before applying to graduate school.

This past semester, I studied __________ with _______ and it has sparked my interest in work similar to yours in the field of ________. I would like to further explore this, and I believe that participating in your lab would be an excellent opportunity to do so.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I am extremely excited about the possibility of working with you.


Lanard's Comments: It's not too often that you'll find resume cover letters for students changing majors, fields of study, and/or degrees,but this is one of them. With it you'll be able to quickly write a similar one for any major, college or university. Enjoy! Lanard

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