Study Abroad Student Recommendation Letter

by Jodie
(Charleston, IL.)

Following is a Recommendation Letter for a Student wanting to study abroad. I left the option of using it for a male or female student, even though it'll read better as one or the other.


To Whom it May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend (student name) for the Study Abroad program. I had (student name) as a student in my course and was very pleased with his/her performance.

(Student name) is a model student and very level headed. He/She was a joy to have in the classroom and his/her self motivation made him/her a stand out in my class. (Student name) set the bar very high for other students in the class and exceeded requirements for assignments.

I believe (student name) would be very successful in the Study Abroad Program as he/she is studious and motivated to succeed. He/She has set numerous goals for himself/herself and being a part of Study Abroad would increase his/her ability to attain these goals.

Of all the students I taught in the program, he/she stands out as a student perfectly suited for studying in another country and I hope you strongly consider him/her.

Your Name

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