Sympathy Card Messages

by Reidun S
(St Paul, MN, USA)

Sympathy Card Messages. There is no relationship as special as the one between mother and child.

Even in the absence of one or the other, the bond remains.

Following are messages perfect for acknowledging the loss of a mother while providing comfort and encouraging words of support at the same time.

They are purposefully brief, yet personal.

Here They Are....
There is a cycle in the relationship between mother and child. It is complete when the child is able to return the love and care to their mother that they were shown in the early stages of life. Be at rest my dear friend, knowing that your mother knew of your love, too.

I am so saddened to hear of the loss of your mother. I hope your fond memories and knowledge of her warm personality will help you through this difficult time. My thoughts are with you.

Please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother. She was a wonderful person, and she created one just as wonderful - you.

So many memories in life exist because of, and alongside of our mothers. That you have those memories is a testament to her commitment to you, and your own life is your testament of commitment to her. I hope you are able to carry that knowledge with you to warm your heart at this difficult time.

Should you ever miss your mother's warm smile, or the lively twinkle in her eye, look into a mirror. She has always been within you, and now she will always remain there, in your heart.

I never had the pleasure of meeting your mother, but yet I am sad for you, my friend - a wonderful person for whom I care for. It is through my friendship with you that I am certain your mother was a true treasure, one that is never truly lost.

Even with the knowledge that children are born to survive their parents, the reality and hope that the time never comes cannot be foretold.

A mothers' love for her child is so strong, pure, and unconditional that it does not require her presence to feel it, yet the loss of her pulls heavy on her child's heart. Please find comfort that our hearts are also heavy for you at this time.

A mother's greatest contribution to the world is the child she bears. There comes a time when her mission is fulfilled and she is called to the next. Be at rest my dear friend, assured by the understanding that your mother is proud of you for the strength and courage you have shown during this time when our hearts are so heavy.

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