Sympathy Gift Basket - A Basket for Aunt Carrie

by Lynn

A Sympathy Gift Basket For Aunt Carrie. When I got the news, I could hardly believe it. My aunt had lost her oldest child... suddenly, unexpectedly. He was my cousin, but first he was her son. She was very close to him, and was almost in daily contact. She was shattered by the news.

How could I help her through this terrible, shocking time? I live thousands of miles away, but I wanted her to know she was in my thoughts. I remembered how many times she and I had sat in her kitchen, drinking coffee and eating pastries. She had always been there for the losses in my life.

Sending a condolence gift basket was easy and heartfelt. I found one that would be shipped to her immediately, and would be filled with delicious coffees and pastries, just like I would make for her if I lived nearby.

I hope that when she samples some of the treats, she will feel my support. Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing your oldest son is not a challenge you think you will live to bear. Know I am thinking of you, Aunt Carrie, as you sip your coffee and munch on some gourmet coffee cake.

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