Sympathy Gift Baskets - In Loving Memory

by Mary
(Puerto Rico)

The day my cousin died was worse than anything I could ever imagine. But on the week of his funeral I received a special gift from one of my friends, along with a small letter.

Her name is Amy and she has been one of my closest friends for years. She sent a bouquet of white roses in a dark red, umber basket; they were all in bloom and beautiful.

I had read somewhere that white roses symbolize peace and harmony, they made me feel very peaceful. And around the roses there was a navy blue ribbon, not black like the traditional funeral flowers. Navy Blue was my cousins favorite color. I found it a very touching gesture.

On the note she wrote: ”In loving memory of one of the sweetest souls that ever existed on this earth, my heart goes out to your family. With Love, Amy.” Amy had met my cousin a few times before he got cancer.

I wept, not of sadness but a sense of joy. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received and was perfect timing for one of he most difficult emotional times in my life. After that week I saw Amy and thanked her deeply with a hug.

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