Sympathy Messages

Need Sympathy Messages? When death comes,
as it does to all of us, we sometimes struggle to convey meaningful words that effectively console friends and family members deal with the loss of loved ones. Still, we try.


Here's a Three Step Process for writing Sympathy Messages the next time you need them:

1)Express sadness about hearing about the passing of the person. For example, "I was saddened to hear about Mark's sudden passing".

2)Follow that up with a statement or two that speaks to your relationship with the deceased, "John and I worked together for fifteen years. During that time I received two promotions in large part due to his mentoring.

3) Finally, conclude the message with a statement along the lines of "he'll always be remembered", "May God Be With You in Your Time of Grief", "May God Bless You, With Deepest Sympathy".

Below are some Sympathy Messages I wrote using this template. They're perfect for cards, email messages, notes, etc.


I was saddened to hear the news yesterday about Mary’s passing. She was a wonderful woman and treated everybody who met her like family. For example, when I was recently laid off she invited me to have dinner with her every evening at 6:30 PM just to make sure that I ate at least one meal a day. I will always remember for that and other acts of kindness. With Deepest Sympathy,

It's hard to comprehend just how devastated you must be feeling over the loss of your mother, Barbara. She often spoke of you with a great deal of love and affection. She was a wonderful person and you can be as proud of her as she was of you. With Deepest Sympathy,

I was saddened to hear of Maria's passing. As a teacher educator she has touched the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of kids and leaves as her legacy the many accomplishments that her students went on to achieve. She will be greatly missed.

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