Sympathy Words of Comfort

Finding Sympathy Words of Comfort of comfort can be pretty frustrating…they don’t come easy. And then it’s compounded by the fact that people get so preoccupied trying to say the right thing that they end

sympathy words of comfort

up saying nothing.  I don’t know what’s worse…saying the wrong thing, or saying nothing at all.  I'm just saying. 

So, if you ever find yourself not knowing what to say you can almost never go wrong if you speak from your heart, because people recognize sincerity and respond to it well.  Perhaps what is most important is that you acknowledge your friend or loved grief and loss. 

Still, it’s always easier to express sympathy words of comfort when you have sayings, quotes and phrases as a starting point. 

Below are some for you to mix and match as you will, and of course you can always include the deceased’s name.  Here they are.


He was one of a kind, and though fate may have taken him away, the memories will belong to you forever.

It's alright that you feel this way. You are not weak. You have just been through a lot. You will find the strength in time; have patience.

Take a break for yourself, and get some rest. Things might seem hopeless now, but you've managed to overcome these feelings many times before, and I have faith you can find the strength to do so again.

His love shall live on in the form of wisdom, and that wisdom will stay alongside you when things get tough, as though it were him. That wisdom will guide you toward new love.

Your pain will fade away so long as you have hope. Hope will overcome, so long as you let it.

She may have met her end, but perhaps it's best to see this as the beginning of something else. Take the love she gave to you, and share it with the world.

Remember that he will always be smiling down upon you. Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasures of life and return that smile.

Remember that I will be here for you, and I will help you as best as I can, without judgment or persecution. Let me take some of that weight off of your shoulders so that you may feel at ease.

She will always be. Every moment you remember the two of you sharing, they're still happening right now, perhaps in another time or place, just as you remember them.

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