Sympthy Gift Basket Ideas - A Gift Basket That Gave Back

by Cindy
(Peoria, IL)

Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas. It was every parent's worst nightmare and it happened to me some six years ago. My son Barry died in a tragic car accident that suddenly changed my life forever. I was inconsolable for a time and was pretty much overwhelmed by my grief.

Of course, there wasn't much anyone could do for me in that situation but let time pass. I received the standard sympathy cards and home cooked meals from my friends, as well as some flower arrangements to help keep my spirits up, but they didn't really put much of a dent in my depressed mood.

One day, about a week after the funeral I found a gift basket on my porch. At first I didn't associate it with the passing of my son; I thought it had just been delivered to my house by mistake. But once I looked inside and started to inspect it I saw all sorts of objects, some traditional gift basket items, some not.

Inside the gift basket I found some nice candles, fruits, and fancy chocolates and candies which were wonderful items that made me instantly feel a little bit better.

But those were nothing compared to the other treasured items I found in the gift basket; several of my son Barry's favorite and most cherished possessions. His lucky John Deere baseball cap, his class ring, his beat-up practice football jersey, and a host of other small relics that made me remember how great my son Barry was when we has alive.

There was a small cardsigned by Barry's girlfriend that read "I'm sorry for your loss, and so was everyone else who knew Barry. I tried to find as much of his stuff as I could, in his locker at school and at friends' houses. I hope this helps a little."

And it truly did. If I have the chance to help someone out when something like that tragic happens to them I won't hesitate to do as she did. God bless!

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