Teacher Resignation/Recommendation Cover Letter

by T. Renee Perry

"Having started out as an assistant in the library, I never imagined I would have transitioned to classroom teacher, much less have fifteen years under my belt this quickly." Here's the rest of this letter.

Dear Mrs. Kylie Hatcher,

When I first came to work at Primitive Elementary School my enthusiasm outweighed my experience. Fortunately enough, your predecessor Dr. Phillip Langston, offered me several chances to improve my classroom management skills. My co-workers, the staff and the students have made such huge impressions on my life, we are easily comparable to a family.

It is therefore with great sadness that I offer you this letter of resignation. Thanks to your unbelievable support and stellar recommendation, I have been accepted at Rook High School as the primary English and Language Arts teacher. I want to specifically thank you for your correspondence with Principle Gareth Withers. It is your confidence in my ambition and abilities, that Mr. Withers saw fit to not only employ me as a new member on his team, but to place me in the team leader role as well. Words can not express my appreciation.

My resignation is effective July 10, 2011. Aware of how difficult it might be to find a replacement, enclosed are the resumes of a few of my personal recommendations. All of these possible candidates are qualified in both certification and capability. Any of them will make an acceptable addition to the Primitive Elementary School family.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the guidance, support and encouragement you and all of the members of Primitive Elementary have provided throughout the years. It is because of this outpouring of generosity that I have been able to grow both personally and professionally. I hope the future affords an opportunity for us to work together again.


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