Thank You For Being A True Friend

by Lanette

Sometimes life isn't fun. Sometimes we encounter things that are painful, costly and a lot of hard work. It is for being there for me in THOSE times, as well as the good times, that I say THANK YOU for being a true friend to me.

Your willingness to let me laugh and cry, and knowing that you are not judging me or condemning me lets me know that I can count on you; and I hope you realize just how very much you can count on me too.

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Thank You For Being a Friend (Reprisal)
by: Lanard

Given my earlier posts you might guess that I like this post. Seems like I keep coming back to it. This time it's because The Golden Girls' TV Show..."Thank You For Being a Friend", came to mind as it read again. Here's he song if you're interested in listening to it to decide for yourself how well the song lines up with your thank you letter/not. Here it is...

Thanks For A Model Thank You Letter Sample
by: Lanard

Lanette. I think you started something. It may not have been your intent, but your words have come to serve as a Thank You Letter Template.

I guess what keeps drawing me back to your submission is the fact that it is short and bittersweet, yet very rich in what it says.

Some writers think that the longer the passages are the better. However, I subscribe to the theory of writing only what is necessary to tell the story. In this instance you did it well.

For others Looking for a Personal Thank You Letter Sample they'd be hard pressed to find something better than this. All they have to do is add a salutation and an ending.

Thanks again for sharing.

Unconditional Positive Regard
by: Lanard

I have a few friends with the unique balance of being supportive when I need it, but who are also able to call me on my stuff when I'm stinkin thinkin, being unkind, or saying bad things.

Some measure friends by whether a person will tell you what you want to hear. I evaluate friendship by whether they're willing to be honest with me; to tell me what they truly think and feel, and what's right...even when it's contrary to what I think, say or do.

I'm appreciative of their willingness to go where most people won't. I'm thankful for and to them.

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