Thank You For Being In My Life.

by Deanna Johnson

Something Special

Something Special

I am sitting here thinking today about all the times we shared, the phone calls, the special times together. For almost 40 years we have been friends, we shared the pain and the laughter. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I had never met you.

You shaped my adult life in a way that I can never explain. You have a piece of my heart that no one else will ever own. Now we have no phone calls , no laughter to share, just the memories of good times until we meet again.

I send you kisses on angles wings my dear friend..

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Thank You For The Memories
by: Anonymous

Deanna - your reflections touched me deeply, and if the person you wrote it about is able to read it I think it will touch them, too.

It reminded me of past and present friends, former lovers and others that influenced me in small, but meaningful, life changing ways. Thank you for that.

Also, through your words I felt connected, but alone; happy to remember loved ones, but sad because time has eroded the relationships; appreciation for having had the opportunity to experience them, but sad because time has moved, and us along with it.

Finally, I took the liberty of putting an image to your words, but if you don't like it I'll delete it, as I don't want it to be a distraction to the imagery in your mind when you wrote this piece.

Thanks again for your beautiful reflection.

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