Thank You for Customer Referral Letter

Sending a Thank You for Customer Referral letter is absolutely the right thing to do when someone sends you referrals.

Sure, you could not do it and assume that they know you appreciate them, but what if they don't know...or worse yet, what if they think you don't care?  

Well, you can eliminate all doubt by sending a simple thank you letter. 

And by a simple thanks, we do mean simple.

After all, it doesn't take much time to copy and paste one, now does it?

Give this sample a try, you won't regret it!



Name and Title (if known)
Company name 
City, State & Zip Code

Dear [name of client]

[Name of person] has retained me to represent him. During our initial 
conference, he informed me that he had chosen our firm based upon your 

I want to thank you for this referral and inform you that I believe we 
will be able to assist him in this matter.

I am pleased that everything has worked out so well for you.


Your Name

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