Thank You for Hiring Me

Thank You for Hiring Me templates, like this appreciation letter, are a great way to express your gratitude for being selected and appointed to a job that gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills.

Thank You For Hiring Me

I remember receiving one from a young lady that I hired some years ago that stays with me even to this day. She was super impressive during the interview and throughout the years proved to be n extraordinary employee. I was fortunate to have hired her.

Have you ever written a thank you for hiring me letter?  If not you should...because it's a simple thing that can mean the difference between being perceived as a great hire, or as a fair one.

Here's an example to work with...

Dear [[name]];

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove my capabilities with your firm.

I want to thank you for the expression of faith in my abilities that you have exhibited by this gesture and will certainly do my very best not to disappoint you.


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