Thank You for Interviewing Me for PR Manager

The Thank You For Interviewing Me For PR Manager letter below is from a college graduate with a major in Public Relations.

He says "I have gained over 20 years of experience in the field during my career.

I am interested in moving "further up the ladder" in the field of Public Relations.

This letter is a response to an interview for the position of PR Manager with a company called Family Media."

Here's the letter. Feel free to download and use it as a template for writing one specific to your situation and needs.


Dear Ms. Sydney,

It was a great pleasure to meet with you last Tuesday to discuss my qualifications for the the position of Public Relations Manager with your organization. I know your time is precious, so please accept my heartfelt gratitude in response to your kindness.

I learned a wealth of information about Family Media during our meeting and I hope I was able to further acquaint you with the skills and experience that I believe make me a great fit for the position you are offering.

For over 20 years, I have shared the same passion of you and your team in providing wholesome family-oriented media to the greater Metro Detroit area. I am a graduate of Wayne State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of Public Relations.

Since graduating from Wayne State, I have held numerous positions in the field of communications that I believe would be of great value, ranging from journalist with the Detroit News to Public Relations Representative with ABC company.

I believe my skillset and drive, coupled with your already dynamic team, will further help your organization to carry out its lifelong mission. I look forward to your call after the holiday weekend. Until then, have a blessed week and thank you again for taking out the time to grant me an interview.


Christina Smith

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