Thank You For Interviewing Me For the Printing Department Manager Position

by S Canavesio
(Pasadena, CA)

After being laid off from a large internet company who favored outsourcing customer service, I applied for an invitation stylist position and was called in for an interview. Upon arrival for the interview I was informed that the VP of the company felt me better suited for a management position and interviewed me for that instead. I sent a thank you note by the encouragement of a friend. Since the company is an arts-based company, I made my thank you note out of a test sheet from a print I developed in the dark room for some photos I had taken. I cut it with some decorative scissors, and hand-wrote my note as below.


Dear Mrs. Canter,

It was a pleasure meeting and interviewing with you today. Thank you for such an opportunity to spend some time learning about your company and this new management position you've opened up.

I believe that both my customer service and artistic background would make me a great fit for your staff. If you would like any follow-up information or references do not hesitate to ask. I will provide you with anything I can.

I look forward to our next meeting, and a future in business together. Have a great day!


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