Thank You For Making Me Strong

by Anonymous

I dated a guy for the majority of my senior year in high school. It was never a very good relationship, and definitely had a lot of ups and downs. There were many times where I thought about ending it, but I always decided to give it one more chance.

Eventually, things did come to an end, and it wasn't pretty. This boy put me through so much emotionally, and hurt me very badly. I guess you could say he broke my heart.

But depsite everything that happened, I would like to thank him. Thank him for making me a much stronger person than I used to be. Thank him for teaching me to never accept less than I deserve again.

And finally, thank him for hlping me to learn countless life lessons that are going to do nothing but help me in the future, and continue to make me a better person.

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Strength From Adversity
by: Anonymous

I forget the word, but it's longer than I can spell; but it's meaning is clear - "good things can come from bad experiences."

I deeply believe that, and when things aren't going well, for whatever the reasons, I start reflecting on what it is that I'm supposed to learn from the experience. That helps to lift my spirits and keep me going in a positive experience.

It's the same with relationships. I've been dogged, too; but feel that the bad ones have helped me to clarify what I expect. For example,I now set my expectations high and would rather not be bothered with someone who is trifling.

So, I can thank people who I've been in bad relationships, too. I guess it's part of the experience of growing from child to adult...and then we mature!

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