Thank You For More Than I Ever Dreamed Of

Thank you, my love, for being who you are. For being a strong, loving man that holds me when I'm weak, comforts me when I cry, carries me when I cannot stand alone.

It means more to me than I can possibly say to have you in my life, to have found you in this often harsh world. I can no longer imagine my life without you, no more than I can imagine a life without sunlight or water.

I love you my darling, more than I can do justice with these paltry words, more than I could ever dream was possible.

I never dared hope for a love so strong that it could withstand, not only the awful high drama of our first months together, but also the humdrums of everyday life – the bane of so many couples. But with you it just keeps getting better and better all the time. This is all I've ever dreamed of, and more.

And now, my love, we'll soon no longer be two – but three instead. Our unborn child will bring us a whole new world of happiness and joy and I can not wait to experience it all with you, my love.


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Finding True Love Is Rare - But When It Happens
by: Lanard

...but when you do it can be awesome; a beautiful thing thing that can easily slip away if you don't grasp, hold - not smothering like a blanket in the summer heat, but snugly like lovers warming before a fire in the cold of winter.

I'm in love...many times, but the love of my life is like no other. I even remember the night I fell in love with her, my wife - she walked into the room and it was all over for me.

She was pretty and and , she'd make your mama wana cry. If you're a brother reading this you know what I'm talking about!

First, I was mesmerized by her walk...and couldn't take my eyes off of her and knew I wanted her to be mine. Before the night was through I was in love.

"Thank You For More Than I Ever Dreamed Of" reminds of that night. My wife and I are still together...31 years later...which was more than I dreamt of! It was a wonderful night.

Thanks for the memories.

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