Thank You for Teaching Me a Lesson in Love

by patricia
(jackson tn USA)

This is a person whom I have loved more than I thought I would. I am in the process of healing now. Enjoy!


Dearest David,

Thank you very much for being honest with me. From the start, you have told me that I should not take this seriously. I told myself that I can handle this and will not fall in love with you. I went on with your plans and went out with you despite knowing your reputation for just playing around. You were very honest and truthful.

Looking back, I think you did not deceive me. It was I who deceived myself into thinking I can play your game and not fall for you. Now I have fallen very hard for you.

I have realized that I should love myself more than anyone else and that I cannot play with my emotions.

I have also realized that I am not cut out for impersonal intimate relationships.

Also, I have realized that true friends will always be dependable.

And lastly, the fact that I am writing you this note means that I now am stronger and better - thanks to you.


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