Thank You Letter Examples

Below are three  Thank You Letter Examples. that cover three distinctly different types of letters. 

The first one is a Personal Thank You Letter .  In many instances they can be effective with only 3 to 4 sentences.  Of course you can always make them longer, but they don't have to be wordy to effectively express what you want to say. 

I've read a few that were so personal I felt like I was watching in on intimate moments that weren't meant for others to see...including me.  For example, when I read this one I became very uncomfortable, emotionally that is.  But I guess that's what makes them powerful; the expression of true, deep, heartfelt words written in a way that captures the essence of what is being said.

The second example is of an After Interview Thank You Letter.  The unemployment rate is in double digits all across the country and although there are some encouraging signs that things are beginning to turn around it can't happen fast enough for the millions of people who are unemployed.  So, if you are fortunate enough to get a job interview you need to be smart enough to know the importance of following up by sending a thank you letter for that interview.

Now, let me beat you over the head with it to make sure that you fully understand the gist of what I'm saying.  It doesn't matter how good, or smart you think you are - because landing a job in today's labor market isn't about just that.  It's also about who and what you know and what you did to separate yourself from potentially hundreds of other applicants for a position...and a follow-up letter is one of the simplest and easiest ways to do it.

The third and final thank you letter example is a  Thank You Letter For Scholarship. Like any other letter you write you don't have to do it, but sometimes writing a letter is just the right thing to do for many reasons, and writing a letter thanking someone for a scholarship is no exception. 

Who do you think is likely to be considered for a re-award of a scholarship; someone who gets the money and never expresses a word of thanks to the awards committee, or someone who sends a thank you letter after notification of the award of scholarship and then again at the end of the semester with copies of their grades to the scholarship committee.  Get it? Got it? I hope so!

That's it.  I hope this page was helpful.  If it was how about leaving a comment to that effect. 

Thanx, Lanard

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