Thank Your For The Interview - Account Assistant Position

by John
(Seattle, Washington, USA)

Devotion and Contribution

Devotion and Contribution

I have recently completed my bachelor's degree in business management and am still looking for a job after three months. This interview was conducted a couple of weeks ago and was the last one I had. I was hired after this interview.


Dear Mrs. Smith:

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to interview me for the position of Account Assistant for your prestigious advertising company. I enjoyed our meeting and conversation.

The position is exactly what I am wanting and have been trained for at George Washington University. I interned at The Perry Firm during my senior year of college and while I was there I helped plan and coordinate a charity concert and product promotion from beginning to end.

I also worked on a product survey from creating questions to analyzing the results. I am confident that I would be a good choice for this position.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity of talking with you. I look forward to working with you. Have a great day.

John Wade
BA Business Management
George Washington University

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