Thanks For Taking The Time To Interview Me

by Lu Anne Lange
(Orlando, FL)

I never thought I’d want to find a new job. I’ve been at the same company for 14 years, moving up through the ranks, earning a good salary and great benefits. But, a client told me about a company that had an opening not only for a position I could handle, but the company had potential for growth that my current employer didn’t have.


Dear Diane,

From the moment I walked into W Advertising, I felt at home. I want to thank you for the incredible amount of time you spent interviewing me, and also for making me feel so welcome.

As I told you, I hadn’t even thought about changing jobs. But, the more I studied W Advertising, the moves your company has made, the potential there is in the new media categories you’re exploring and your overall culture, the more I thought that I would be interested in finding out more.

I like that you told me that it is unusual for you to interview a candidate who raves about her current position. However, that is the case. Nevertheless, I very much want the position at W Advertising, and I am hoping the time we spent together gave you a good idea of my qualifications, experience and desire to join your team.

My hope is that I will hear from you soon to find out possible next steps to becoming a full-time employee at W Advertising.

Thank you again for your time and enthusiasm.

Lu Anne Lange

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