The Basket That Made Me Remeber My Father´s Love

by Darcy Pena
(Puebla, Mexico)

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Blue Sympathy Gift Basket

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I remember the day my father died, I felt so lonely. My brother couldn't be with me and my dad's brothers and sisters were out of the country.

And my mother? She had divorced him several years ago and didn't have much feelings for him; in fact so she felt no pain at all.

Thee were only a few people at his funeral, but I didn't know any of them. Soon after getting there I told my wife that I wanted to go home, so we left. I didn't want my kids watching me crying and suffering so bad, or to watch my father’s body laying there in the coffin.

But after getting home I wanted to be alone, so my wife left with the kids. I found out later that she took them to my mother´s house.

However, soon she rejoined me with a gift basket full of things I like; like chocolates, wine, etc. See the Sympathy Gift Baskets found here.

And in the bottom of the basket I found a little black stone. When I asked my wife about it she replied that she had once heard me and my father talking about God, where he was and that kind of thing.

She heard my father say "I know where he is"; and I asked, "okay, where?"

My father said, "he lives in this rock, and he´s all around us. And when I meet him I will tell him what a good man you are and how you have tried to be a good person".

Then I started crying. A little thing like that made remember how much my father loved me and brought back a ton of good memories.

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