"The Enforcer" My Husband

by Brittany Hawkins

My Love,

The first time I saw you was at McDonalds when I was sixteen years old. You were working there at the time and I had just gotten hired. I was intimidated by you because you were the most beautiful person I had ever saw.

It has taken me seven years but I am finally with you. I love you more than anything on this Earth and even though I know it is wrong I love you as much as I love God.

There is nothing that I do not want for you or would not do for you. You are the love of my life; I have given you my whole heart. There is nothing in this world that would keep me from you, no, not even my family.

I want nothing more than to continue to grow as one with you. I know we have only been married for a little over a year, but I feel as though I know you inside and out.

Although we are not perfect as separate units I feel we are perfect together. I will never do anything to hurt you or our marriage; I am in this thing for life. I cannot express how much I love you in words, I'd rather show you, haha!

I know that you did not have your father with you as you grew but I know that you will be a wonderful daddy. Our son is already just as much in love with you as I am, maybe even more.

Do not worry about our rocky start I know that you will be the provider and caretaker that you can be. Although much is on your shoulders during this time remember I do love you and no matter what anyone says all you need is Jesus.

DO NOT change for anyone baby I love you just as you are, regardless of how I may act sometimes. I know that you will fulfill your destiny to the fullest in due time and that you will bring me through as well.

Edward, I love you no matter what.


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