The First Sign of Love

by Ron
(United States)

Not the exact box, but I still feel the love.

Not the exact box, but I still feel the love.

As a high school student that never had a girlfriend, I was quite insecure and desperate for some sort of affection. I had a close knit group of friends, and although we were not the coolest kids in school, we were really true to each other. The group consisted of me, my brother, two mutual male friends, and, in my mind, a pretty cute girl. This girl's name was Mary. We were all the best of friends, but honestly I always had a crush on Mary because I just loved hanging out with her and making her laugh. As February approached I knew it was just going to be another Valentine's day which I neither gave nor received anything. To my surprise Mary had gotten me a heart-shaped box of chocolates with a note attached. This note told how much she truly loved me and wanted to be with me. My heart filled with glee yet guilt as I didn't get her anything. Later that day I gave her a dozen roses and asked her out. We have been going out for the last 5 years and it was all because she told me how she truly felt. I still have the box today because it means everything to me, without it I would never be with the girl of my dreams.

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