The gift of relaxation!

by Jennifer
(New Hampshire)

The most meaningful and romantic gift I've ever received may not seem so exciting but I can tell you; it was perfect!! It was about 4 months after my first daughter was born, I had just gone back to work. So naturally that was a stressful time for me. This particular day I had come home from work and put the baby to bed, as I did every day. When I came out of her room I found a trail of rose petals. You may be saying to yourself wow how cheesy, but it was cute. I followed the rose petals and it led to the bathroom. My boyfriend (now husband) was there with a bottle of wine for me. I looked around and found a bubble bath waiting . It smelled like strawberries and was perfect in temperature. I jumped right in and he left so I could enjoy some alone time. If you have kids you know that alone time is hard to come by. As I relaxed I looked around and realized he had cleaned the bathroom. Now I could feel my stress just slipping away as I sipped my wine. This was the most meaningful gift I have ever received because he thought about what I really needed. I didn't need chocolate or flowers, I needed to relax and have some time for myself. He knew I would never be able to relax if I was looking around at the stuff that needed to be done, that's why he cleaned the bathroom. I remember that fondly and dream of it when our new baby girl is crying. My favorite gifts never come from a store!

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