'The Golden Girls" Knew About Friendship

by Isabella
(Los Angeles, California)

True friendship is hard to find. Long lasting, endearing friendship is scarcer. The sample personal thank you letter captures the essence of both in a way that i think both of us can relate to, at least I do. Read, enjoy and I hope it inspires you to write your own.

Dear Jan,

On the TV series, “The Golden Girls,” the credits are accompanied by a song with the lyrics, “Thank you for being a friend.” That is followed by a funny plot where the friendship of the series’ stars is shown in sweet and humorous ways. They scold each other, laugh at each other, share evil (and delicious) food filled with more calories than their combined ages) and personify friendship, love and caring.

I want to say to you, “Thank you for being a friend.” I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support, encouragement and that ear you keep lending to hear – no, to listen to – me talking about what’s wrong.

It is my hope that we will still be friends as we age and become “Golden Girls” (40 is the new 20, so that won’t be for a while, right!). Thank you for all you do and for being such a terrific friend. No offense to those on Facebook, MySpace or Friendster, but you are a true friend for the ages; and I’m glad we keep clicking.


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Memories of Days Gone By
by: Anonymous

Isabella, your thank you letter reminds me of my college days. Although I wasn't exactly footloose and fancy free it was a good time in my life. I had a lot of fun and made many friends.

In fact, nearly 30 years later, I still think of one of them as my best friend...even though I haven't seen her in nearly 20 years.

I've gotten okay with the impact that time and distance has on relationships, but still find that relationships are not always defined by the frequency in which you see and/or talk to a person.

For me it's more about the feeling I have for the person...that something that's unique and special about them.

You have a "Golden Girl" and I guess I do, too...and I thank her for being a friend.

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