The Little Ways You Love Me

by Heather T.
(North Carolina)

Dearest; Most women like flowers and candy, but you know me so well that it is the little things you do that make me smile and fall in love with you all over again.

Like when you kiss me before leaving for work and when you get home; or when you text me during the day with little phrases like: Your the best wife EVER!

I am so happy I found you...and You make me complete. The little things you do not only put a smile on my face, but they remind me of how special you are and how lucky I am to be the one who gives you these feelings. I will love you always!

Comment: This letter makes me think of the song "The Way You Do The Things You Do" by The Temptations. The first line is..."You got a smile so bright, you know you could have been a candle" and away it goes. Here's the video.

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