The Love Letter

The Love Letter "Whatever Love is, It’s What We've Got"; by Frank (Woodbury, NY, USA). This letter declares that love is about more than

The Love Letter, Romantic Love LettersThe Love Letter, Romantic Love Letters

feelings and that even staying power isn’t enough to define it. So what is Love to you?  However you define it this letter is sure to resonate with you.

The Love Letter -
Whatever Love Is Is What We Got


You know about my passion for you, you know that I’ve shared feelings that have belonged to no one else. I’m sure you know that I’ve found satisfaction in your touch, that I crave feeling you close to me when we’re apart. If not, please know it now. I’ve become connected to you, and it would be foolish and stupid to cut those ties. I want you. But there’s so much more to our love than that.

I have enjoyed the moments when we’ve talked. Every little fact about you, every tiny glimpse into who you are, is precious to me. I’m building up a knowledge of you, filling a storehouse with loving intentions, investing in our future. I want to figure out just how to make you happy for years, for decades to come. I need to surprise you with my love in a thousand ways. What we share is not a passing thing. We have a wonderful future ahead of us.

We both know that life is troubled by difficulties. The important thing is not avoiding them, because, while a certain amount of prevention is possible, problems will always arise. It’s how we face them that counts. I’m ready to go through anything with you.

We’re both experienced enough to know that the path ahead can be rough in some spots, but I know that we will make it through. The proof of love is not in the good times, but in the bad ones. I will stay by your side through whatever life brings.

But love isn’t just about feelings, and even staying power isn’t enough to define it. So what is it that we share? All I know is that, when I look at your face, when I look into your eyes, something in me says, “Here’s the one.” Love is just… love. And it’s what we share. Now and forever.

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