The Man I Love


My Love, Since I saw your face last my heart will not stop racing. I can not get you out of my thoughts and I can not stay focused on all my daily mundane tasks. My days seem to stretch on forever without you.

I crave your sweet loving words and I deeply miss your passionate kisses. My whole day is spent longing for your touch. I can never explain exactly how you make me feel. You make my days better and my life so much brighter.

I never thought it could be this way. Before you came into my life I felt as if I would never find my mate and I was destined to be alone. I had accepted this as a sad fact. Now I have more in my life then I ever thought I could because of you.

When I think of you I see our future and I hope that you feel the same. I count the minutes until I am lost in bliss with you again.

When we are together it is as if nothing else in the world matters. I no longer have troubles, stress, and all the outside problems cease to exist.

Your arms are a safe haven for me to hide. Nothing can get to me when I am with you. When I am not with you I day dream that I am alone in a far away place where I can be engrossed in nothing but us.

I think about the way your brown eyes sparkle when you look at me and how I can feel happiness radiating from the inside to the out. Just the being in your presence is enough to make my heart jump and skip a beat.

I feel butterflies in my belly and I wait for the tingle of your next touch, no matter how small it is. Loving you has been the most amazing experience of my life.

I pray every day that I will never lose you. As my promise to you my heart will be forever yours so please give it the tender care it needs.

Always Your Love,

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Long Love Letter For The Man I Love
by: Lanard

Very nice! Some long love letters can get to be boring pretty quickly, but this one is interesting until the very end. It's "excellent"!

Below is a music video featuring Ella Fitzgerald singing "The Man I Love". It's as complementary of your letter as a song can be. It starts out slow, sweet and soft like Ella can do, and then she get's to going pretty good with a swing, scat groove. Here it is..

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