The One I Cherish...Don't Cry Alone

When I first laid eyes on you I knew that you were the one - but it could never be. In fact, it was almost torture to see you walk by me everyday knowing I could never have you. I wished I could tell you how I felt.

Then I found out we were in the same class during our final year. I figured it was another year of unrequited love. To my surprise, you came up to me first.

We began to talk, I would have embraced you right then and there had we been alone; and the more we talked in class, the more I knew about you, and the further in love I fell.

There were so many days I had topics to talk about, but you had work to do. A day that tore me up though, was the day I saw you cry. I wanted to try and cheer you up, and you said I did.

As soon as we left for the day, I knew you weren't happy. You even told me you were going to cry. I wish I could have done something more. I just want you to know that your smile lights up my world, and when you cry, I want to cry with you.

You're Never Alone.

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