The Power Of A Gift basket

by Allen Carr
(Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States)

Art of Appreciation Gift Basket. Recently, my friend Samantha lost her father after a long battle with cancer. For months they knew the day would come, but when it did it still hit her and her family really hard.

A few of our mutual friends and I decided to work together, and create a gift basket we could give to Samantha. We included some of her favorite things, like granny smith apples, rice krispy treats, some bags of extra butter popcorn, and other various things we knew would lift her spirit.

When we visited her to present the gift to her, you could see the gratitude in her face. For that one moment, she not only knew that she was being thought of, but that she had friends who knew just the right things to give her to brighten her next few days. For us it was thanks enough to see her smile and to know we had helped her...even if it was only for just a little to get through the grief process.

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