The Power of Prayer

by Abdul Brockington
(Gainesville Florida)

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

From the Desire of His Heart,
God Created through the Word,
Uttered from Divine Spirit,
Felt through Energy heard.

Energy is Power, Power is Spirit,
Electrical impulses from the heart,
To the brain, to the mouth,
To the ears when we hear it.

Word's electric power,
Created in Seven,
Six sides and the Son,
A match made in Heaven.

Words from the Desire of the Heart,
Guided by the Will of the One,
Empowered with a blood sacrifice,
Gift from the Son.

Words from the Heart,
God's Will towards men,
Words formed from Energy,
Prayer from within.

Prayers are more than words,
They are Desires of the Heart spoken to call on God's Will,
Words and the Desire of the Heart,
God?' energy in us, Prayer for God's child to Heal.

Words are Prayer,
Prayer is concentrated Energy,
Energy is Power, Power is Spirit,
The Spirit is GOD.
Our Condolences from the Heart.

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