The Puerto Galera Holiday

by Thea

View from the boat on the way to Puerto Galera Beach

View from the boat on the way to Puerto Galera Beach

View from the boat on the way to Puerto Galera Beach A romantic Italian dinner by the beach

A few years ago, my usually unromantic boyfriend asked me to take a leave from work for 3 days, so that he could take me on a trip to the beach. I was surprised, but very happy about this show of sentimentality. I am a certified beach lover, so I was over the moon!

The trip was a few hours away, requiring us to take a 3-hour bus ride plus an hour and a half ferry trip. When we got there I realized the trip was well worth it. Puerto Galera is an excellent white sand beach that has two sides to it: the serene, romantic part and the party 'til you drop part. We decided to explore both parts extensively! There was great food, awesome drinks, and heart-filling music. The fact that my heart was also full of so much joy and love didn't hurt.

My boyfriend and I aren't a very mushy or sentimental couple and we don't even give each other gifts like other people do. We live together, so what I count as the biggest gifts would be the practical parts of our relationship. I love how he takes care of me when I'm sick, how he brings me food from my favorite restaurants just because he passed by them on his way home, or the way he would wake up early on a weekend to surprise me with my favorite food that he cooked. But this beach holiday was a romantic gift I wouldn't mind receiving again soon, and so far it is the best gift he has ever given me!

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