The Ultimate Romantic Gift Set

by T. Renee Perry
(Gainesville, Fl)

Have no idea where to start romantically? Finding a gift set that has more than just a couple of bottles of massage oil can be a daunting task. Here is an elaborate gift set with a bounty of romantic items and will appeal to all your senses. It's a "couples" gift that treats her AND him.

This gift set includes a full color romantic guide with ideas and suggestions to do the romantic thinking for you. The romantic music CD and satin robes (2) included are a good place to start off the night. The gift set also includes one thousand scented silk rose petals for romantic placement on beds (or as a trail for your partner to follow), champagne flutes for two and champagne bucket. Nothing completes the picture of romance than sensual lighting. The gift set provides three pillar candles and fifty tealight candles.

After the mood has been set with music and lighting, your partner is in the desired room, break out the pampering and relaxation. Full-sized bottles of warming massage oil, chocolate body paint (with brush) and the Amazing Hot Heart Massager are included in the gift set.
All of this is enclosed in an elegant hat box, excellent for storage and a keepsake.

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