The Valentines Day IPod

by Tia
(Dayton, Ohio, USA)

My husband and I were trying to decide what each other would want for valentines day.I was hard since neither one of us are romantic and we really didn't have the money to pend a whole lot on gift.

After days of thinking we couldn't figure out what the other one would like so we had the other write down a list of 5 things that they really would like to have.

That way we would have different items to choose from and the other would know which one to expect. My list consisted of the usual roses, candy, and jewelry. My husbands list consisted of Comic books, IPod, Best Buy gift card, shoes, and a cell phone cover.

I racked my brain trying to think how I could possibly make any of those items romantic. I went to the Comic book store (obviously nothing romantic about that place), i went to Best Buy to see if they had and nice gift cards, then I went to the mall to check out the shoes and cell phone holder. Nothing seemed like I could make it a heartfelt gift and I didn't want to get him something that wasn't on his list.

After about a week of research I came across "personalized electronics." I found out that with this feature you could have personal messages engraved into your electronic device.

So, I purchased the IPod touch and had it shipped to get it engraved. I waited anxiously for about a week to get the IPod back and it looked even better than I had hope.

Now it was time to figure out what to do to set the mood for our Valentines night gift exchange. I planned a romantic dinner and planned to have it ready for my husband when he got home from work.

On valentine I made a romantic dinner with candles and soft music. I also lit the fireplace to give the house the added romantic feel. My husband got off late that day so when he came home he was surprised to see what was waiting for him.

After eating dinner and having a little wine my husband and I exchanged gifts. When it was his turn to open his gift he was exited to see the IPod he had wanted. I told him to turn it around because I thought I seen a scratch on the back.

When he turned the IPod around a messaged was engraved and it read "You are the most amazing husband in the world and I will love you forever. "Love, Your Wife"

He was almost in tears when he read the back of the IPod and could not thank me enough for such a great heartfelt gift. He never thought that I would get him anything like this and he assured me that he would cherish it for years and years to come.

This year I will try to make this gift just as sweet. Let the brain racking begin!

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