To My Aunt's Surprise

by Brittney
(Cedar Falls, IA)

A Picture of One of The Fireworks

A Picture of One of The Fireworks

Since Valentines Day is really close to my aunt Beth's birthday (her birthday being February 13) I usually get her something special. But last year I went all out for her 50th birthday.

I first went to my local Flowerama and bought her a dozen flowers (a mixture of 3 red, and 3 pink roses, and then 3 yellow tulips and 3 purple tulips and complete with baby's breath).

Then I decided to pick out a vase there and got her a red vase with a white ribbon. I went to Wal-Mart and picked out a cute black teddy bear and a box of chocolates.

I went back to grandpa's and hid the flowers before my aunt arrived home from her lunch with my Dad. I went and talked to my uncle and he had purchased a silver and sapphire diamond bracelet and put it around the neck of the bar. When aunt Beth got home we had her sit on the couch and I gave her the flowers and the chocolate...and she loved them!

My Uncle Dan came next and he had the bear wrapped in a bag. Aunt Beth opened the bag and pulled out the bear and started to cry. She really loved the bracelet. She even told Uncle Dan and I that this was the best Valentines Day she ever had. Later that night there was a fireworks display at one of the colleges and we watched the fireworks to finish off our Valentines.

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